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Month Day Year          

mouse   The MOUSE
People born in the year of the mouse share some of the characteristics of a mouse. They are optimistic, cheerful, do not fall into low spirits no matter how hard the circumstances,and will fight for their lives. At the same time, they are sensitive like a mouse, and have good intuition and imagination, but they are not good at logically drawing their own conclusions.

People born in the year of the mouse are usually optimistic, cheerful and easy to get along with. They treasure their relationships with friends and relatives. Sometimes you will find that they connect their lives closely to those of others. This is because once they like somebody, they can't bear to leave them.

People born in the year of the mouse have a natural instinct for loving money. A boss born in the year of the mouse will care for his employees. He makes sure his employees participate sufficiently in sports and that they maintain a balanced diet. When his employees are sick, he will go to see them. He takes the troubles of employees as his own. But things change as soon as his employees want to talk about raising their wages. Then he becomes a miser. If you want to get money from the person born in the year of the mouse, you will need to bargain with him very hard.

People born in the year of the mouse have good memories. They like to ask questions and have keen insights. Such a person knows almost everybody and keeps everything around them in mind. They can succeed in everything because they are as clever as mice. They are able to overcome all kinds of difficulties, and face dangers fearlessly. Because of their cool and quick-witted minds, their keen insight and deep understanding of life, defeats in life sharpen their minds and make them out of ordinary.

Among the "twelve animals," the mouse is the most sentimental. So he is not only attached to his children but also to the elder members of his family. Children born in the year of the mouse are considerate towards their parents, trust their parents and forgive any mistakes of their parents. A mother born in the year of the mouse is a good house-wife and can help her husband's work a great deal. However she will spoil her children and will pay too much attention to her husband.