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Month Day Year          

cow   The COW
People born in the year of the ox are steady, plain and quiet. They arrange things system-atically and they are patient and tireless. They are usually ready to take other's advice and act with justice. But it is not easy to change their minds because they are stubborn and sometimes prejudice.

Because people born in the year of the ox are reliable and steady, they are trusted by their superiors or persons in authority.Where there is responsibility, you will always find them. However, they should be careful not to be carried away by success.

People born in the year of the ox do things in an orderly way. They follow settled rules, respect traditional concepts, and always do things the way other people want them to. So people can foresee what they will do the next. They believe that only those who have a down to earth style of work may never be defeated. People born in other years can achieve success depending on their intelligence or other's help. But people born in the year of the ox depend on their own tenacious will and active spirit of devotion. They never believe in chance, keep their words, and once a word is spoken will not take it back even when pulled by a team of four horses (what is said cannot be unsaid). They take an indifferent attitude towards common biases. They will do their jobs with single-hearted devotion, and never give up when something is half-way done.

People born in the year of the ox do not willing seize chances to gain advantage by trickery. They have a strong sense of morality. They never reach their goals in any improper way. They are cautious. They like long-term, stable investments.