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monkey   The MONKEY
People born in the year of the monkey can cope with almost any intricacy with a sober mind. Ambitious and knowledgeable as they are, they can achieve great success in whatever career they decide to embrace.

They like to appreciate and show their wit and bravery. They take it for granted that other people are nothing in comparison with them, and they never conceal their happiness and pride. But sometimes their cleverness may overreach itself. When they are playing petty tricks to get something profitable with the least effort and money, or putting forward some shrewd proposals, people may become suspicious of their motives and moral qualities.

Monkey people usually adopt the policy of making large sales at a small profit when doing business. Unlike the generous "tigers" and hard-headed "dragons," the "monkeys" square accounts in every detail and accumulate much wealth by saving small profits. Their acumen and economic success are really surprising!

Most of the people born in the year of the monkey have the spirit of working in earnest, and they are good at managing financial affairs. If political or economic circles want to achieve certain aims, it is wise to recruit such people. But only when they're fully on your side, can they be ideal cooperators.

They are full of humor and resources, which makes it easy for them to get what they want. But few people dare to believe in and make friends with them because they're generally complicated and mutable and seldom care if they have violated the interests of other people.