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Month Day Year          

horse   The HORSE
People born in the year of the horse are sanguine, sharp-minded, dress fashionably, gifted with a silver tongue, and have acute insight. But they fall in the snares of love easily, and break away from them lightly.

They like to be engaged in intellectual activities and sports, and people can see this from their skillful actions, graceful posture, and eagerness while speaking. They react quickly and can decide promptly and opportunely. A person born in the year of the horse is generous, likes to join in fun, and are totally easy going persons. They are flexible, active and intelligent, and can usually control others.

These people are self-centered and like to be surrounded and served by their relatives and friends. They can channel other people's thinking to their own by using excellent words. And they will not give up until they have poured out all their thoughts, dancing with joy.

People born in the year of the horse may be rich, but the property that they own is not safe as they do not worry about protecting it, and therefore they may lose a part of it. They spend extravagantly, and like to make fun of others, both of which are by-products of their imaginative nature. They like to make their marks in the world, and often take the lead when there is nobody else to take responsibility for a decision.