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Month Day Year          

dragon   The DRAGON
People born in the year of the dragon are full of vitality and strength. To them, life is a colorful leaping flame. Though assuming airs of self-importance, being prejudiced, making arbitrary decisions, and indulging in some of the wildest fantasies, these people are always adored. They are proud, aloof and frank. They establish lofty ideals at an early age, and require others to have same ideals.

In China the dragon symbolizes an emperor and power. It is said that people born in the year of the dragon are powerful. A child born in this year enjoys shouldering heavy loads, even if he is the youngest one in the family, while an older child born in this year often shoulders the responsibility of bringing up his brothers or sisters.

It is difficult to compete with people born in the year of the dragon, because they are strong and decisive, but not cunning. They like to win success by relying on their own strength, and they are often disgusted with those playing tricks. Due to over-confidence and often misled by illusions, persons of this sort are slow to react to surrounding conspiracies and upcoming dangers, and usually cannot effect countermeasures in time. They are too proud to ask others for help, and will not withdraw even when there is great disparity in strength. They are frank, and never tell a lie.

Such a person is frank, and can never disguise his intentions. He does not guard his thoughts as though they were hidden in a vase to keep secret. Even if he promises not to reveal a word, he may blurt it out when he gets angry.

They will not keep silent for long, and will struggle to free himself from distress sooner than others will. He is happy, and opposes gentleness. Being firm and persistent, courageous and resolute, he will give the least consideration to the consequences when striving to realize his aim, and will even plunge headlong into an abyss. He sees himself as coming into this world to realize his ideals. The more you might want to make him change his route so as to get around difficulties, the more he will become stubborn. He deserves to be called a pioneer, and will live up to expectations even when in a bad mood.