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Month Day Year          

dog   The DOG
People born in the year of the dog are usually candid, honest, generous, righteous, studious and energetic, which makes it easy for them to attract the favor of the opposite sex.

They are kind-hearted, always ready to listen to and share other people's cares and burdens. They know how to get along well with others. Sometimes they will protect the interests of other people even by sacrificing their own. If there's someone often paying a handsome reward, he must be a person born in the year of the dog.

Gifted with a special sensitivity, they have keen insight into other people's minds. Dividing others into either friends and opponents they will not judge a person without foundation, but once they have developed on opinion of somebody, it is difficult for them to change it. Usually they will give you good advise. Pragmatic by nature, they can help those who boast to overcome their shortcomings. They often think it necessary to point out other people's mistakes so as to help them develop an objective view of themselves and the reality.

They are energetic and ambitious, and prefer to bury themselves in work that interests them. It's a pity that they lack patience. They seldom get frenzied in love as do people born in the year of the horse or tiger, but they often show the utmost solicitude toward their sweethearts in a quiet way.