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Rice Cake Rice Cake

Ingredients:(for 20 Cakes)

  • Pork 800g (Don't use the lean meat, half lean, half fat is recommended.)
  • Glutinous rice 9 cups
  • Dried mushroom 15 pieces.
  • Fried red onion a few
  • Raw peanuts 1 cup
  • Dried bamboo leaves
  • String (that kind of string for tieing turkey)

  Measurement Convert  

  • Soak the dry mushrooms in the warm water for 30 minutes.
  • Wash the bamboo leaves (40 leaves) and soak in the warm water for 10 minutes.
  • Drain the soaked mushrooms and chop them. Chop the pork. Stir fry mushroom and pork with salt and soy sauce then pour in the water and stew for 40 minutes or until the juice is almost dry.
  • Wash the glutinous rice and drain the rice. Put the rice into wok and add the water of 5 and 1/2 cups, add the salt and soy sauce, then stir fry the rice till the water all soaks into the rice.(If you want to add the juice from the stewed pork, reduce some salt and soy sauce.)
  • All set for wrapping
Wrap the Rice Cakes
  • Cut ten 2.5-feet long strings. Hold them together and tie a big nod on the middle of them, be sure leave a hole so you can put a rod through for hanging the wrapped Rice Cakes later.
  • Take two bamboo leaves and dry them, lay two leaves together, but shift out the upper one a little bit. Then curl the leaves like a cone shape. Fill 1/2 cup of rice into the cone bottom. Then lay some stewed pork, mushroom and peanuts on the rice. Fill another 1/2 cup of rice on them then fold the leaves back to cover the cone's top.
  • Tie it up by one string.
  • Repeat (a)~(b) to finish all the leaves.

  • Steam the wrapped Rice Cake for 40 minutes. Keep in the steamer for 5 minutes
  • Ready for serve.

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