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Q:  How to make the "layered" Crispy Pastry?
  1. Put Ingredients of "Outer pastry" into a big bowl and use hands to blend butter, flour and water together. (Pour 2/3 of warm water first, blend for a while then add the other 1/3.) Made them well blend.
  2. Knead the well-blended dough and use the rolling pin to roll the dough into a big round pie shape. Put this flattened dough aside for 15 minutes. (This 15-minute is crucial. It will decide if your pastry is crispy or not. You must set the dough for enough time.)
  1. Put Ingredients of "Inner pastry" into a big bowl and use hands to blend and knead the dough well. Then shape the dough in a long stick-like roll and divide into the shares as the instruction in the recipes. It's One Inner Pastry. (When you finished the inner dough and you still feel the oil dough is too "dry", please add more butter, otherwise, it'll be very hard to roll the pastries later, and the cakes will be prone to get cracked after baked.)
  2. Roll up that dough of Step 1 in a same stick-like roll and cut into the shares same with inner pastries. It's one Outer Pastry.
  1. Flatten the outer pastry and put one inner pastry into its centre then wrap it up. Finish all the pastries accordingly.
  1. Take a Crispy pastry of Step 5. Roll it out into a thinner tongue-shape. Then roll it up from top. Re-roll this roll out into a tongue-shape again, and roll it up from the top.
  1. Stand the pastry up and you can see there are multi-layers inside (Spiral). Flatten the standing pastry by palm then roll it out to round shape.
  • It's ready for wrapping the filling.