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Ox Tongue Cake Ox Tongue Cake

Don't panic! Just looks like ox tongue, no tongues inside!

Ingredients:(for 10 cakes)

      Dough       Filling
    Outer pastry (Water-oil dough)
  • Instant blending flour 200g.
  • Butter 50g.
  • Sugar 50g.
  • Boiling water 70g
  • Cold water 30g
    Inner pastry (Oil dough)
  • Best for cake & pastry flour 90g.
  • Butter 40g.
  • Sugar 150g
  • Best for cake & pastry flour 175g
  • Peanut butter 150g
  • Baked sesame 20g
  • Water 75ml

  Measurement Convert  

  • Mix the all ingredients of the filling together in a big bowl and blend them well. Divide into 10 shares. (If you think it's too inconvenient to prepare the filling like this, you can just use peanut butter instead. However pure peanut butter filling tastes stickier. If you won't mind.)
  • Prepare the "Crispy Pastry". (10 shares)
  • Wrap the filling into the crispy pastry. Flatten the wrapped cake by palm then use the rolling pin to roll it out and shape it as an "Ox Tongue" shape. (Be sure to roll it gently to avoid the filling squeezing out.
ox tongue befor panfried
  • Heat the fry pan up with very low heat and without any oil. Panfry the Ox Tongue Cakes by both sides and with low heat, until they turn golden brown. (Although we are using the "crispy pastry", we panfry the cakes instead of baking them!)
  • Ready for serving.

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