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Your website is excellent!! I have been to China twice this year and I would love to see more meat recipes. I usually travel south where the food is very spicy!! Thanks and good luck!
It's very appreciated that you sent me the feedback after you surfed our website.
Definitely we will keep posting more recipes, and especially, the meats recipes.
As I mentioned in the website, an amateur cook as I am, I decided to start from those desserts and DIM SUM. However, I surely will organize more Chinese food recipes and post on. (I mean I have to check out that, once I post the recipes on, all of those special "Chinese food ingredients" can be found in Canada. Otherwise, the recipes will be useless for people.)
Thanks again and hope you enjoy the food!

Wow! It seems that you're really serious to prepare this website. Maybe you can consider opening a Chinese restaurant someday? Anyway, it's fun!
Thanks for your feedback and encouragement!
As you knew, Vina always does everything so seriously, not even work, but home chores. Actually, I was trying to persuade her just using some pictures from the Internet or the cookbooks, but she refused and asked me to cook and she took the pictures. I bet that was her conspiracy. (She could have the big meal!)
Anyway, your warm support definitely will be our great motivation.
Have a nice weekend.

Thank you for your latest recipe website. I really enjoyed looking through it and especially liked Tommy's apron! You two are amazing!
First of all, thanks for your feedback on our website. And I think you were the first one that noticed the apron Tommy wears.
Now try to put your mouse arrow on Tommy's picture and hold still...See!

Great Story on the first page. Talk to you soon!
Thanks for your feedback and support. And we will keep posting new recipes.
I like the story, too. But Tommy is a little bit exaggerating. Nobody eats breakfast at midnight...

You have done a wonderful job, It's great! I havn't got time to go through all inanyway they must be good. BRAVO!
Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. And I'm glad you like our website.

I have not tried any of the recipies yet, but I really like the website. Great graphics!
Thanks Paul, Those dishes not just looked good, They tasted great, too.

Great website! But I want to see Japenese dry noodle, soups, and everything else you cook!
Don't worry Jennie. We will keep putting new recipes on our web site.