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I think Taiwan is a paradise for having the excellent cuisines, not only all types of Chinese Foods, like Beijing Dishes, Canton Dishes, Shanghai Dishes and Sichuan Dishes, but also those delicious desserts. You merely can't find any kind of food you want to have in Taiwan. And probably that was the only reason that I didn't think the Chinese foods were precious back then when I was in Taiwan.

After we moved in Canada, my wife and daughter and I always recalled the tasteful feeling of the Chinese foods, but those foods seemed to be so far away. Nevertheless, I thought that, once I could retrieve them back from my memory, I could try to make them here in Canada. I decided to find their recipes out and make those cuisines by myself.

For an amateur cook, to cook those Beijing Dishes, Canton Cuisines, Shanghai Dishes and Sichuan Dishes is a little bit harder to me, especially, for preparing like the 12 dishes big course cuisines for the formal feast. So my wife and I started from the simple Chinese desserts. We have treated lots of friends what we have made, they did like them every much. We were also asked about the recipe for the desserts we made. That was the motivation why I kept asking and bothering my wife to design a website for my recipes. I think it's very good entry point for sharing all I know with all my Canadian friends who want to learn them. Enjoy your cooking and enjoy your foods.

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Q1:  How do I measure the ingredients if I don't have a scale?

A: Ingredients Measurement and Weight

C = 1 Cup (= 240ml for liquid)
Pastry Flour 1 C  130 g
Instant Blending Flour 1 C  120 g
Glutinous rice flour 1 C  120 g
Sugar (fine granulated) 1 C  200 g
Cornstarch (starch) 1 T 12.6 g

T = Table Spoon = 3 teaspoon (= 15ml for liquid)
Butter 1 C  224 g
1 T    14 g
Margarine 1 C  224 g
1 T    14 g
Milk 1 C  224 g
1 T    14 g

t = teaspoon (= 5ml for liquid)
Dried yeast 1 t     3 g
Salt 1 t     5 g
Baking powder 1 t     4 g
Baking soda 1 t   4.7 g

Egg (no shells) 1      50 g
Egg yolk 1      20 g

  You can also use this tool in every recipe:

  Measurement Convert  

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Q2:  Where can I buy those ingredients in LONDON?

A: There are two food stores in London we usually go. And you can find those ingredients like, red bean paste, glutinous rice, glutinous rice flour, rice flour, sweet potato starch, cornstarch, dried bamboo leaf, dried (red) onion, dried mushroom, dried shrimp, sesame oil, Japanese rice, bean curd, Wonton pastry, spring roll pastry, Chinese leekK etc. And all kinds of Chinese relishes there. I will suggest you look through your local phone book to see if there's any "Chinese Grocery Store" in your town, and I bet you can find lots of stuffs there!

Store Address Phone
Asia Chinese Food Mart 577 Hamilton Rd LONDON
N5Z 1S5
Far East Mart 25 Oxford St. West, London 643-0174

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Q3:  How to make the "layered" Crispy Pastry?

  1. Put Ingredients of "Outer pastry" into a big bowl and use hands to blend butter, flour and water together. (Pour 2/3 of warm water first, blend for a while then add the other 1/3.) Made them well blend.
  2. Knead the well-blended dough and use the rolling pin to roll the dough into a big round pie shape. Put this flattened dough aside for 15 minutes. (This 15-minute is crucial. It will decide if your pastry is crispy or not. You must set the dough for enough time.)
  1. Put Ingredients of "Inner pastry" into a big bowl and use hands to blend and knead the dough well. Then shape the dough in a long stick-like roll and divide into the shares as the instruction in the recipes. It's One Inner Pastry. (When you finished the inner dough and you still feel the oil dough is too "dry", please add more butter, otherwise, it'll be very hard to roll the pastries later, and the cakes will be prone to get cracked after baked.)
  2. Roll up that dough of Step 1 in a same stick-like roll and cut into the shares same with inner pastries. It's one Outer Pastry.
  1. Flatten the outer pastry and put one inner pastry into its centre then wrap it up. Finish all the pastries accordingly.
  1. Take a Crispy pastry of Step 5. Roll it out into a thinner tongue-shape. Then roll it up from top. Re-roll this roll out into a tongue-shape again, and roll it up from the top.
  1. Stand the pastry up and you can see there are multi-layers inside (Spiral). Flatten the standing pastry by palm then roll it out to round shape.
  • It's ready for wrapping the filling.

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Q4:  What kind of flour should I use?

A:  Actually we define the flour as three types:
Type Purpose Robin Hood Flour
High gluten flour Bread All purpose
Medium gluten flour Water-oil Dough (Crispy pastry), Hot Water Dough Instant Blending
Low gluten flou Cake, cookie, Oil Dough Best for Cake & Cookie
  • Use High gluten flour to make the pastry of those like Chinese pizza, pastries of beef patty and Chinese calzone, the pastries will be very stretchy, too chewy, and especially, it's very hard to roll the dough while you are making the pastries.

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Q5:  What's the meaning of ?

 is our last name.
 means Wang's family.
 means "little", "small".
 is the Chinese old style oven.
 Made by bricks and use wood or coal to make fire.
 Kind of like our "outdoor Barbecue".

  Engraving by Mr. Tachi-ishi

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Q6:  Why did you choose LONDON, Ontario to settle down?

A: London is really a beautiful city, at least we do think so. We came from Taipei of Taiwan. Taipei is a very busy place, kind of like Toronto, with population of 2.6 millions, and that's under registration, counting all the people live in Taipei, it's definitely more than 4 millions of population living in Taipei. And you know what, the area of Taipei is just 64% the size of London Ontario, and with more than 10 times of population. I'll suggest you using your imagination to figure out how crowded and busy Taipei is!

We don't think we would like to stay in the "busy" city anymore. After we visited this lovely city, we decide to move in here. London is a peaceful, quiet and friendly place, very suitable for living and raise our daughter!

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